The life story of a cricket ball


To get pounded and pummeled is the destiny of a cricket ball. Its life on the field is full of hardships. Here’s a pictorial snapshot of how the leather ball takes life.

Strings are wrapped around a piece of cork.


Bunches of cork core are left on the ground to dry before being used to make cricket balls.


A hammer is used to shape the cork.


It’s further shaped by hammering the cork into a round, semi-circle set.


The two halves of the ball is stitched together with the cork placed inside.


A leather piece is prepared for the outer covering.


The leather piece is first tanned…


…and then it is coloured.


A worker works on the leather pieces.


The two halves of the outer covering is sewn together.


A worker stitches the outer covering of a cricket ball.


The weight of the ball is measured.


The seam of the cricket ball is stitched.


The ball is then stamped with its logo.


The cricket ball is polished till it possesses a good shine.


The ball is then packed into boxes…




After days and hours of work, the shining red ball reaches the hands of cricketers.