Facebook launches iPhone camera app


Facebook’s rocky initial public offering hasn’t stopped life at the world’s biggest online social network. On Thursday, the company unveiled a camera app for the iPhone.

The app can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and works like most other camera applications for smart phones. To take a photo, you tap a camera icon in the upper left corner of your screen, aim and shoot. You can then add filters, crop or tilt your photo, and share it on Facebook.

The new app is similar to Instagram, the photo-sharing app Facebook is in the process of buying for $1 billion. The acquisition, however, has not yet been completed.

Facebook didn’t give details on when it might release a version of the app for phones that run on Google’s Android operating system.

Five Fun Free iPad Apps for Elementary School Teachers And Students


These free applications provide a wide variety of engaging learning opportunities for young students (and you can’t beat the price).

The Apple iPad is becoming more popular in our schools every day (just check out this EmergingEdTech video to appreciate how quickly the iPad is gaining hold in our schools). It’s really a great tool for the younger student, with its ease of use and touch screen functionality. In addition to the thousands of education related apps out there for a price, there are a lot of applications available for free.

Fun Free iPad Apps

Fun Free iPad Apps

I spent a few hours this weekend downloading and trying out apps and ultimately selected these five to share here. These apps do not require any registrations, and are quick and easy to download and check out. Two of these are freebies that hope to encourage you to purchase a higher end version, but what they offer for free works great, and the other three are entirely free with no other expectations. Enjoy!

Preschool Memory Match
This is your standard memory match game (flip tiles two at a time, looking for matches), and it comes in 4 levels of complexity from Easy to “Super Duper Hard”. The game uses mostly pictures of animals and provides and displays and pronounces their names, which provides additional learning opportunities.

Times Table Quiz
This is a rudimentary, but very useful app that tests students skills with math times tables. The app presents random multiplication questions from the spectrum of times tables from 2×2 to 12 x 12, providing 4 possible answers in multiple choice format, and you keep going to see how many you can get right in a row. When you guess an incorrect answer, it stops and tells you the correct answer and you start over. This is geared towards later grades, as it does not allow for setting the level of the times tables – it just mixes the full range.

Trainyard EX
This application is great for the younger grades, as it guides the student slowly through a smooth learning curve with an increasingly complex task of designing a path for one or more trains to get point A to point B. As you progress through successive successful completions of the game it gets more complicated, working it’s way up to some pretty involved challenges!

BrainPop’s Featured Movie
BrainPop is a powerful application, with a wide range of functionality in its relatively inexpensive paid versions, but they provide the Featured Movie feature on their iPad app for free, and elementary school teachers might find it worth using. Students can watch a different animated movie each day, then test their knowledge with an interactive quiz. The movies are well done short animated clips on a wide variety of subjects, providing a fun, engaging way to learn.

Amazing Shape Puzzle Lite Version
This app has three free puzzles that can be fun and educational for younger elementary school students. The app works in English, Spanish, French, and German and provides Word Learning opportunities in addition to developing concentration, memory, and cognitive skills.

Using The iPad As A Digital Whiteboard (Plus 4 Cool Free Apps To Try It Out)


There are some nice free Digital Whiteboards apps available for the iPad. Free rocks.

I found myself wondering how the iPad might work as a Digital Whiteboard, to project, as well as to use collaboratively. I also wondered if there might be some free apps that provide this kind of functionality (there are so many decent free apps for the iPad).

First step, hit the App Store and search for “whiteboard”. I narrowed the search down by selecting Price = “Free” and Customer Rating = “4+ Stars” and found 8 apps. I downloaded each one and spent a little time with them. Four of these apps were pretty cool and definitely worth sharing. The others had drawbacks that led me to eliminate them from further consideration.

Four recommended free digitial white board apps:

This TechSmith app was rated (an average of) 4.5 by hundreds of users. ScreenChomp provides 9 colors but just one pen size. You can import pictures to use as your background. Mostly importantly, you can record your whiteboard session for play back, and the recording will include audio. Recordings can be saved to the ScreenChomps app, and can be shared via email, Facebook, Twitter, and accessed through a URL.

This app is a great example of combining a few simple features to make a tool that is very useful. Here’s an example ScreenChomp video I created: http://www.screenchomp.com/t/Z2xnmkfS.


Four recommended free digitial white board apps

Four recommended free digitial white board apps

ZigZag Board
ZigZag Board had one unique offering among the free tools I looked at, which is the ability to select and resize things you draw (as well as move or delete them). It is similar to some of the other apps in that it has a small selection of pen colors and the ability to adjust the thickness of the pen (but no ability to pull a pic to draw on). ZigZag also allows users to have a ”meeting” with the app. The meeting functionality was easy to use – I started a meeting from the iPad app and then joined on my laptop, but I was only able to view the whiteboard session there, I could not actually participate in it (not sure if this works differently when you join from an iPad, we had a network issue and couldn’t connect from another iPad).

Unlike most of these other tools, Zig Zag requires the user to create an account. Once you sign up, there’s a nice page-by-page tutorial on how to use the drawing tools and how multi-touch gestures work within the app.

SyncSpace allows for a choice of 9 colors, 4 pen thicknesses, and 2 pen styles (solid or dashed), which was more than the other apps provided. Two unique features the app has are its ability to scale the screen to any size (it seems that you can shrink or expand your whiteboard indefinitely), and its synchronize capability, which allows for true collaboration. My son and I tried this and it was easy and worked well. You can also export files as PDFs, post them to Facebook, Twitter, or Campfire (a collaboration app), or email a link to other iPad users.

One down side of SyncSpace is that it did not work in landscape (horizontal) mode, making it a little less ideal for projecting.

The Free version of Jot has a pretty nice set of functionality including: 4 colors and 4 pen sizes, the ability to move a drawing and to add a background, and to add text. You share your drawings via email or save them as a photo. There’s a premium app available for $4.99 that provides more colors, more line widths, 5 fonts to select from, and live sharing.

The other four apps shown in the search results I eliminated for the following reasons:

Show Me Interactive Whiteboard: Show Me seemed like ScreenChomp without the audio recording capability.
Doceri Remote: Required the installation of an additional application in order to use it, and it appeared that I would probably have to pay that app at some point.
Sign+: This should not have been in the list as it for creating a “digital sign”, and does not have the interactive nature of a true digital whiteboard.
SMART Bridgit Conferfence: This requires you to have a SMART board and applicable server in place.
Connecting the iPad to a projector or HD TV
This seems pretty straightforward if you have the right components. I can’t wait to try this, and I’ll be sure to share my results here.

You will need the Apple Digital AV Adapter ($39) and an HDMI Cable (under $10).
Your projector or TV will have to have an HDMI interface.
This eHow article explains the basic process of connecting your iPad to your projector.
If any readers have experience doing this, using these or similar apps, please tell us about it. I’m sure there are other decent free IWB-type apps for the iPad2 that I could have found by searching on different words or phrases, so if you know of any, please drop a comment and let us know about them. As always, questions or other comments are also welcomed!

10 internet technologies that educators should be informed about

internet technologies

internet technologies

There are so many different tools and technologies available on the internet today, and so many associated terms and concepts. As I think about topics to focus on here in the coming months, I want to make sure we’re touching on the most important ones. What are the most important internet technologies for educators to be aware of, and informed about?

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I’m sure many people would probably come up with a slightly different list, but based on my observations and experiences, and feedback from faculty at my institution, I have selected the following technologies. I do not mean to imply that every educator should be expected to use all of these technologies in the classroom, but rather that every educator should understand what these are, the potential they have in the classroom, and how their students may already be using them.

1. Video and Podcasting – One of the most widely adopted internet technologies for use in instructional settings is video streaming. Between YouTube, TeacherTube, EduTube, and many other video hosting sites, there are an abundance of lectures, how-to videos, and supporting materials available in the form of web based video. Podcasting has also been used to provide similar offerings of audio materials through popular sites like iTunes. [Click here to learn more about video hosting for education, or here to learn more about podcasting for education.]

2. Presentation Tools – This category is vast and rich. There are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of tools on the Internet that can be used to create and share presentations, from simple Powerpoint slide players like Slideshare to multimedia timeline tools like Vuvox and OneTrueMedia. These tools can be used to support classroom teaching or distance learning, or for student reports and presentations.

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3. Collaboration & Brainstorming Tools – This is another wide ranging category, including thought-organizing tools like mindmap and bubbl.us, and collaborative tools like web based interactive whiteboards and Google Documents. Additionally, some of the other tools in this list, such as wikis and virtual worlds, also serve as collaboration tools.

4. Blogs & Blogging – Bloggers and many other regular Internet users are well aware of blogs and blogging, but there are many other professionals who really are not frequenters of the “blogosphere”. In addition to a basic familiarity with this technology, educators should be aware of sites like Blogger and WordPress, where users can quickly and easily create their own blogs for free.

5. Wikis – The use of Wikis in educational settings is growing every day. Sites like Wetpaint and others allow users to create free wiki web sites and are a great way to get started with using wikis for educational applications. [Click here to learn more about the use of Wikis in education].

6. Social Networking – All educators should have a basic understanding of sites like Facebook and MySpace and how they are used. This doesn’t mean they need accounts on these sites (and many educators would recommend against using these sites to communicate with their students), but they should understand what they are and how they are being used. Educators should also be aware of the professional social networking site LinkedIn.

7. IM – A large percentage of students use IM regularly, via Aim, IM aggregator site Meebo (Meebo allows users to combine messaging from Aim, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, and other sites), or other tools. It behooves educators to be aware of this, and I have even come across various articles about using IM within the classroom setting (such as this one from Educause).

8. Twitter – This listing is really focused on technologies, not specific applications, but this application is currently just too popular to ignore. You should at least understand what it is and the fundamentals of how it is used. [Click here for some insight into how Twitter can be used in education.]

9. Virtual Worlds – This technology has received a lot of press, with SecondLife being the clear leader thus far in this application area. In my experience, the use of SecondLife has been somewhat constrained by high bandwidth and processing power requirements, but this also means that there is still considerable room for increased adoption of the application as systems continue to become more powerful and higher speed bandwidth more prevalant. Active Worlds is one of a number of competitive technologies, and provides a “universe” dedicated to education that has been popular with educators.

10. RSS Feeds – RSS allows users to create their own “push” data streams (that is, define data flows you want coming to you automatically, rather than having to go and “pull” the information with a Google search or other browsing effort). RSS feeds enable you to take advantage of streams of published content that will be sitting in your In Box, or in an RSS reader, when you want them. There are RSS feeds available for many topics and many web sites.

While many readers may have their own interpretation of which technologies are essential for educators to be aware of, I think this is a great list to get started with. Of course, this list will require updating over time, as technologies change, and as educator’s uses of these technologies evolve. As always, reader input is welcomed. What do you think? Is this a good top 10? Would you like to see some other technologies listed here? Feel free to comment and offer your insights, please. Thanks!

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The key to understanding your target audiences is identifying what elements bind them together into a cohesive group. It’s the similarity between people that holds the key to communicating with them effectively.

Target Audience are the group of people who are buying your products and services. It’s an artificial segmentation of consumers at large – grouping them by characteristics that identify them as being potential customers. The more specific you can be about your target audience, the more effective your marketing will be.

Determining the right target audience is probably the most important part of your marketing efforts, because it doesn’t matter what you’re saying if you’re not saying it to the right people.

The information you spread to your target audience’s brain is often key to your marketing efforts, particularly the positioning of your product. It includes the audience’s activities, interests, and opinions. You have to make very clear the end result that is ultimately the reason why someone should purchase your product.

Connect the dots for them, and you’ll have a much better chance of having a successful product.



51% of Facebook users and 64% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from the brands they follow.Writing blogs and sharing them on social networking sites can drive in more traffic to the fanpage and site.This is one of the ways to reach the potential customers.

Blogs are now a mainstream vehicle for organizations to get their ideas into the marketplace.

The reader of the blog view the information shared by smart bloggers as one of the few forms of real authentic communication.Users comment on the articles and share it on the social network.Multiple number of comments on a product posted on site lets a potential customer to know everything about the product.This conversation on social sites drives more people to buy a product or service.

Social Media Statistics

Social Media Statistics

The overall market for virtual goods in the US is headed towards $2.9 billion for 2012, according to the Inside Virtual Goods report. That’s up from $2.2 billion this year, and $1.6 billion in 2010.

Virtual goods on Facebook are continuing to comprise more than half of that, going from $835M in 2010 to $1.2 billion this year to $1.6 billion next year. The report estimates that mobile virtual goods (for games only) made $350M this year, and will grow to $500M next year.

  • More than half of Facebook users log in every day – that’s more than 400 million people.
  • The average user has 130 friends and is connected to 80 pages, events and groups.
  • 50% of small business owners reported gaining new customers through social media – most notably through Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • 51% of Facebook users and 64% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from the brands they follow.
  • Nearly 60% of all small business decision-makers spend less than $100 on social media and 74% of businesses don’t employ anyone to manage their social media marketing.
  • More than half of B2B marketers agree that Facebook is an effective marketing tool. (source: Outsell, December 2009)
  • More than half of small businesses agree that Facebook is beneficial to their business. (source: Ad-ology, November 2010)
  • More than 1/3 of marketers say Facebook is “critical” or “important” to their business. (source: HubSpot State of Inbound Marketing Report 2011)
  • The number of marketers who say Facebook is critical or important to their business has increased 83% in two years. (source: HubSpot State of Inbound Marketing Report 2011)
  • 10.67% of B2C and 41% of B2B companies that use Facebook for marketing have acquired a customer through this channel. (source: HubSpot State of Inbound Marketing Report 2011)


At Fresco Social we help you bring down all the negative comments and views by creating new good buzz around your company’s products or services. Your online reputation can be seen in a number of ways. Whether you’re seeking employment, selling a product, looking for an investor or trying to score a date, someone is going to turn to a search engine to learn more about you.

Negative comments about your brand can seriously undermine the reputation of your company especially if they are displayed on the top pages in search engines.After reading negative reviews, people will think twice before to purchase your products or services, taking all these bad opinions away from the first page of search engines will definitely improve the situation.

We perform research on bad reviews of your brand and then push them down in search engine rankings. This proven technique always works perfectly to save the reputation of any business.”Black” internet marketing techniques are becoming more and more popular today. That is why more and more companies begin to look for affordable and effective reputation management solutions. We are ready to offer our cost-effective brand development services.



Social media marketing through facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube ,is outperforming traditional marketing done by means of television ads ,radio, newspapers ,brochures etc.. Social networking sites provides you an opportunity to reach out to millions of people around the world at very less financial cost to your business and helping you achieve the most important task of marketing your brand.

Social Networking can be your answer for cost cutting measures which you plan to implement. The number of internet users hooking up to one social media site or the other is growing by the day, what this means is that your business has millions of potential clients and using certain cool strategies you can convert them to long term customers.

More followers a company has on networking sites more brand awareness can be achieved. Converting all these followers into potential customers is what brings revenue to the company.

A simple status update on fan page can trigger conversations hundreds and thousands of responses. For e.g. Launching of a new product with affordable price with attractive pictures of the design posted on a networking site can capture the attention of millions of people to buy the product online and also visit the store.

Thus a company and its brand can bring more profits in very less time span.

Online Reputation

Online Reputation

Facebook has become one of the most widely used networking sites for marketing your brand. Making more people to know about your brand is an essential part of marketing. Facebook is a very good platform to make people like your brand.

Increasing Facebook Likes increases your network. The more likes you get, the more people will be in your network. More people means more audience. Now if you are selling something, this means more potential customers for you.

There are virtually tons of advantages of Facebook Like and it really depends on your purpose.Facebook users like your page only when they find the news releases, blogs, and status updates interesting. So sharing the right content is very important. The content shared by the fanpage should target the right audience.

A simple status update from the fan page shared to all the fans can bring hundred of responses and comments in not time. When fans comment and post on the fan page ,their friends, non-fans ,friends of fans can all see it. This is what drives non-fans and friends of fans click on like and subscribe for the fan page.

Online Ads & SEO

Online Ads & SEO

Online ads have become most popular ways to make your brand recognizes by people worldwide. With online ads like google ads and facebook ads companies and brands can target the right audience. With social networking sites used by people worldwide, Online Ads can reach target audience and can also reach audience recommended by target audience.

Facebook ads reach customers rapidly with a click on ad which sends the ads to their friends. Users who are fans, users who aren’t fans, and friends of fans are all targeted with facebook ads.

Search engine optimization improves the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines. In general, the earlier or higher ranked on the search results page, and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.SEO is very essential for generating more customers and more revenue.

Measuring the Potential

Measuring the Potential

Measuring the Potential (Non Financial Impacts KPI’s)

This is one of the always thought difficult subject in social media marketing. Here you would find different ways of measuring social media campaign and converting them into ROI. I will cover here on the key KPI’s where we need to do an effective job of measuring the value of their social media campaigns impacts.

Social Metrics

Social Metrics are very important and something straight forward that you can get in numbers from the respective Social Media. There are millions of metrics that you can track of, now you need choose few metrics that you most influence to your business means lead the user to land in the website. End of the day, you are not talking to someone for social matter but because you want him to land in the web site and become your customer one day.

Engagement Metrics (Leads to Organic Traffic to your web site)

  • No of new followers
  • No of interactions
  • No of likes in the interactions
  • No of retweets
  • No of unique users interacted with you online
  • No of comments in the blogs
  • No of likes and comments in the videos
  • No of users opted for the promotional contest
  • No of users likes in Facebook fan page
  • No of share of video’s and the list goes on
  • No of leads to the Website from the particular web site link
  • Subscribing to a RSS feed – you can also measure how many of your readers are actually subscribing to your RSS feeds. and the list goes on.

The idea is you need to figure out what is important for me to track that is impacting the customers leads to the web site.

Each social networking site offers some type of vitality metric to see what’s going on in your communities. So you can also use them to track the performance of the campaign..

Paid Search marketing campaign (Leads to Paid Traffic to your website)

If you have a paid search marketing campaign, you will want to monitor the standard search metrics

  • No of clicks
  • No of impressions,
  • Click through rate,
  • Conversion Rate
  • Cost per Conversion etc….

One thing to note here is that there needs to be a course correction during the Paid Search Campaign depends on what works or not.

Website Metrics

  • No of Unique visitors
  • No of Page views per visitor
  • Time spent on site
  • Total time spent per user
  • Frequency of visits
  • Depth of visit
  • Conversions rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Exit Rate and many more…

You can track most of these metrics from web analytics tools like Omniture or even Google Analytic which is a free tool.

Conversion Rate

The most important part of the campaign, however, is a series of landing pages on your website designed to capture prospects and help convert them into paying customers. The landing pages will be designed specifically around the social media campaign, and they’ll need to have Google Analytics, Eloqua or Adobe Online Marketing Suite installed so that they can track traffic and conversions.

You need measure and improve the non financial metrics constantly to increase the potential visits to your web site.

We need to quantify the financial impacts of the above which is called ROI.

The key point is that all of your social media programs –- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. –- should drive people to the landing page on your website where you can convert them from tire prospects to paying customers.



The best websites focus primarily on content to pull together their various buyers, marketers, media and products in one comprehensive place where content is also the highlight of the website along with the pictures, videos and entire appearance of the website.

Our expertise in web development will build you a great website which is an intersection of every other online initiative, including podcasts, blogs, news releases, and other online media. The content rich website built for your brand will organize the online personality of your organization to delight, entertain, and most important inform each of your buyers.

VIRAL Marketing

VIRAL Marketing

For marketers, one of the coolest things about the web is that when an idea takes off, it can propel a brand or company to fame and fortune for free. We will identify the topics and news for your brand that can go viral on the web. Our viral marketing techniques drive other people to tell your story and spread your message to people worldwide.

The formula for viral marketing is a combination of great web content( a video, a blog entry) that is groundbreaking or amazing or hilarious and all with links that make it easy to share. People will be constantly talking about the brand on web, we monitor the happenings, identify the interesting topics and spread its message on web.



Campaigns, Contests and Games have become new ways of engaging users on facebook, twitter, linkedin. Marketers are coming up with creative ideas to promote their brands and events.

The Promotion Trends Report by Promo Magazine, revealed that promotional marketing was part of an overall marketing strategy for over two-thirds of all firms.

What is Promotional Marketing?

Promotional marketing is a part of your Social Campaign plan and a business marketing strategy designed to ignite a customer to take action towards a buying decision.

Fresco Social basically runs three types of promotional apps.

  • Contests: We all enjoy winning something for free. Contests offer an attractive marketing vehicle for small business to acquire new clients and create awareness. We run a contest with a valuable prize to your target market.
  • Sale / Coupons: Coupons is something works always. We run discounts or coupons apps for few times in our over all campagign. You need to be cognizant that the fact that if the sale is there all the time, poeple loose interest. We run the sale on seasonanal or marketing condition basis. Sometime, the user is asked to be a fan to avail the coupon. This provide a excellent way to increase you fans as well as customers.
  • Sampling: We run free sampling depends on your preference. For e.g give first 10 customers we may give out the product free is an excellent way of creating buzz.

To create a Powerful Promotional Marketing, we work closely with you to create the promotional marketing campaign to

  • Figure out the objectives of promotion.. Sometimes, it could be the reason that we would like to icnrease the fans and follwers.
  • How long would do you want to run the promotions?
  • We also will closely to work with you on the types of promotions as you have already experiened with your customers.
  • What is your available budget? Choose an advertising vehicle like Online Ad’s, direct mail, email, or in-store that will not exceed your promotional budget.
  • We also share with you the post promotional impacts and analytics to see what is the ROI of that promotional campaign.

The research shows the continous spending by small and large companies on promotional marketing is a clear indication that promos work. Apply promotional marketing to your small business and experience a sales boost.



Blogs allows us to push ideas into the marketplace as we think of them generating instant feedback. Writing blogs and sharing them on social networking sites is very important for engaging the customers and retaining them.

Interesting articles which are neatly explained can bring in more conversations and more knowledge about the content is shared.

Videos and audios convey more knowledge many times more than the text on a web page .Video showing the working operation of a newly launched mobile with audio can give more information than reading a user manual. News releases tell us about current happenings about the brand. Interesting news releases can be appealing to buyers .Links posted in news releases can bring customers to websites.

Social media

Social media

Social media marketing for a business involves building up communication, content & branding on social content & newtworking landsacpe like facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, wordpress, digg, Slideshare, Video blogs etc….

Fresco Social believes in organic way of making more people to follow a brand, converting the followers into potential customers and retaining the customers by constant interactions are the most important aspects of social media marketing. Social networking sites have become right platform to improve service and increase the overall sales.

Our focused facebook campaigns processes includes

  • Develop a Facebook Strategy and Plan
  • Establish Target Audience Organic Growth Plan
  • Establish Corporate Presence with Pages and Groups
  • Create Demand with Facebook Ads
  • Integrate with Multichannel Marketing
  • Advanced Facebook Apps for Promtional and CrowdSourcing activity
  • Integration with offline campaigns for creating leads
  • Dynamic ways of engaging and conversation with the customers
  • Continous traction on promotional games and contest
  • list goes on….


What is the first step of any Social Media Project?

“Set up your Facebook page by having a few mts conversation with you or send you a questionarre to fill up and start collecting the Fans? A big NO..”

The first step in Social Marketing is to get a deep understand your business and the marketing needs. Are you looking for personal branding or You are a product company wants to promote your products and in this case what problem are you solving? or You are a e-commerce business looking forward to promote your sales in the web, or you are a service provider for the B2B business and would like to get some exposure and branding for your services online…. the list goes on..