London 2012 Festival


What’s the London 2012 Festival?
It’s the hottest ticket of the year – the most exciting festival the UK has ever seen, bringing more than 10 million opportunities to see 12,000 performances and events. Leading artists from all over the world will come together for this unique event to celebrate London 2012. Whether you love dance, music, theatre, fashion, food, art or film, you’ll find something you can get involved in. It’s happening all around the UK, with many free events suitable for families. Search by genre to find something you’ll love.

So what’s the Cultural Olympiad?
Since 2008, the Cultural Olympiad has been inspiring creativity in all forms of arts and culture, especially among young people. It includes a wide range of events, from local projects to large-scale performances across the UK – 18 million people have taken part so far. The London 2012 Festival is its finale.

When is it?

The Festival opens on 21 June and runs to 9 September 2012, the last day of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. There are also countdown events that’ll run before the Festival opens.

How do I buy tickets?
You’ll find everything you need to know about each event on its own page. On the right hand side, there’s information on times and dates, access and how to get tickets. You can then click through to the venue’s website and book tickets.

How much are they?

It varies. Some events are free and you may have to pay for others. Find out by searching for events by artist, date or location.

Do I still need a ticket if an event’s free?
You might do, so check its individual event page, which will tell you if it’s ticketed or if you just need to turn up on the day and enjoy!

Is the London 2012 Festival accessible to everyone?
London 2012 is committed to making the London 2012 Festival a festival for everyone, with events and facilities accessible to all wherever possible. The producers of each event are providing a tailored range of tickets, facilities and other services to make sure that everyone has a great Festival experience.

How do I check if a particular event is accessible to me?
You’ll find information about the accessibility of each event on its website page. As our partners are managing each event and its venue, we cannot guarantee that all events will be suitable for all accessibility requirements but will work with partners where possible to remove barriers to participation.