Heart disease tops killer list in Zamboanga – CHO

Heart Disease

ZAMBOANGA CITY — The City Health Office has called on residents to be conscious of their lifestyles as heart disease remains to be the number one cause of death in Zamboanga City.

City Health Officer Dr. Rodelin Agbulos said that records of his office show the disease claimed over a thousand lives in this city last year.

Of the 4,363 deaths, cardiovascular or heart diseases accounted for over 25 percent of the record with 1,283 mortalities, making it the top cause of death since 2007.

Based on the same report, the number of deaths increased from 1,040 in 2010 to the present figure.

What is even more alarming, according to CHO, is that the age bracket of the casualties is getting younger.

The once coined as “disease of the aged” now seems to be also prevalent among the younger generations, especially to those who are in their late 20’s.

Dr. Agbulos warned that “cardiovascular disease or disease of the heart is mostly caused by living a sedentary lifestyle. It can be prevented if proper and healthy diet is observed coupled with regular exercises.”

Agbulos also emphasized that cardiovascular disease has been the top cause of death in the city for five years now.

Next to heart disease in the top 10 causes of death list are: cerebrovascular disease (stroke), cancer, pneumonia, sepsis, tuberculosis, gunshot wound, diabetes mellitus, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (lungs), and chronic renal failure (kidneys).