These are Asia’s 22 greenest metropolises!



19. Kolkata

Kolkata benefits from a relatively low level of water consumption, at 138 litres per person per day – this is one of the best rates among the 22 cities, and better than the average of 278 litres. The low rates might partly be explained, by a lack of supply.

There is a variation in green spaces from 2 square metres per person in Kolkata, to 166 square metres per person in Guangzhou.

Kolkata receives credit for having green standards for public building projects and for publicly promoting energy efficiency in buildings.

Kolkata’s metropolitan area is home to 15.6 million people, making it the fourth-most-populous city in the Index. The capital of West Bengal is a regional hub for financial services and IT.

Despite its growing economy, GDP per capita is the lowest among the 22 cities in the Index, at an estimated $1,400.

Although its overall ranking is below average, it still has one of the lowest per capita water consumption rates. In addition, it has relatively low levels of CO2 emissions per person and low concentrations of sulphur dioxide.