These are Asia’s 22 greenest metropolises!



17. Bengaluru

Bengaluru has some of the lowest levels of CO 2 emissions per capita — this is partially reflected in the fact that 30% of Bengaluru’s energy consumed comes from renewable energy and 61% of the electricity is generated from renewable sources, mainly hydropower.

The city’s relatively low income, resulting in a less energy-intensive lifestyle, also plays a part in reducing CO 2 emissions, as does the shift from heavy industry to IT-related businesses.

Bengaluru, with a population of 7.1 million, has developed rapidly in the past three decades to become a symbol of India’s high-tech competence.

It is still one of the poorest cities in the Index with a per capita GDP of $2,066, and therefore has limited ability to balance environmental needs with the pressure for economic expansion.

It ranks below average overall in the index. But its shift from manufacturing to IT-based industry has had positive effects on the environment and has also spurred the development of new, energy-efficient buildings.