These are Asia’s 22 greenest metropolises!

New Delhi.

New Delhi.

10. New Delhi

New Delhi has an extraordinarily low per capita waste generation figure of 147 kg per year — Delhi’s ‘traditional culture of careful consumption’, which economic growth has not yet eroded, helps explain. The city’s advanced policies, including one of the more robust strategies to reduce, re-use and recycle waste, also demonstrate how much can be achieved with limited resources.

New Delhi, with some 17.4 million inhabitants, is the third most populous city in the Index and the second economical centre of India.

Its average per capita income of $2,000 is more than twice the national average, but the city is still among the poorest in the Index.

Delhi ranks average overall, but excels for one of the lowest levels of CO2 emissions in the Index and for generating the least amount of waste per capita of all 22 cities.

Delhi hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2010, which spurred city officials to embrace green policies.