12 global mega-cities set to boom by 2025!

Mexico City

Mexico City

3. Mexico City

  • GDP growth: +$355 billion
  • Population growth: +3 million
  • Per capita GDP growth: $14,950

In Mexico, car-pooling edged out buses as the second most popular mode of  transportation.

When it comes to pain, perception is reality, and the commuters in a recent survey clearly felt that roadway traffic has become worse in the last three years in Mexico City. Almost 49 per cent people said it had become ‘worse’ and 18 per cent felt it had become a ‘lot worse’.

The Mexican capital has been booming at a very rapid pace and is likely to experience a mega boom by 2025, according to the Citi study.

Conversely, only 20 per cent of those surveyed said the situation had improved at all, and only 5 per cent said it had improved substantially.