12 global mega-cities set to boom by 2025!



4. Shanghai

  • GDP growth: +$459 billion
  • Population growth: +4 million
  • Per capita GDP growth: $20,137

China’s eastern metropolis of Shanghai was recently named the ‘sexiest city’ in the country because of tis economic prosperity, urban development, charming buildings and beautiful girls, according to a new survey.

More than 17 per cent of 6,577 residents randomly sampled from 30 cities in China named Shanghai as the sexiest city in the survey conducted by the Horizon Research Consultancy Group.

People gave a wide range of reasons for naming Shanghai as the sexiest city, including its strong economy, iconic buildings and landscape, hosting of the World Expo 2010 and cultural diversity.

Shanghai the centre of finance and trade in China. It is also called the showpiece of China owing to its fantastic urban infrastructure and its pivotal position as a significant business centre in the world’s fastest growing economy. Shanghai is also the most populous city in China.