Our guide to broken bones

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
Bone fractures

Bone fractures

Bone fractures are potentially serious injuries.

As well as damaging the bone they often injure the tissues around the bone such as tendons, ligaments, muscles and even the skin.

Anyone involved in contact sports.

There are four different types of fracture:

  • Transverse: Straight across bone
  • Oblique: Diagonal break across bone
  • Spiral: Around the bone
  • Comminuted: Bone is shatteredHow? 
    Impact to the arm, leg or bone or indirect blow.What?
    Swelling and progressive bruising, pain during movement.

    You may also be able to see that the affected limb look awkward and that the bone isn’t in the right place.

    Cover and elevate the injured limb and keep it completely still. Go to hospital for treatment.

    They will probably put your limb in a cast to keep it completely still while the bone heals.

    These can be made of plaster, which can be quite heavy, but doctors are increasingly using lightweight plastic casts.