Five Fun Free iPad Apps for Elementary School Teachers And Students


These free applications provide a wide variety of engaging learning opportunities for young students (and you can’t beat the price).

The Apple iPad is becoming more popular in our schools every day (just check out this EmergingEdTech video to appreciate how quickly the iPad is gaining hold in our schools). It’s really a great tool for the younger student, with its ease of use and touch screen functionality. In addition to the thousands of education related apps out there for a price, there are a lot of applications available for free.

Fun Free iPad Apps

Fun Free iPad Apps

I spent a few hours this weekend downloading and trying out apps and ultimately selected these five to share here. These apps do not require any registrations, and are quick and easy to download and check out. Two of these are freebies that hope to encourage you to purchase a higher end version, but what they offer for free works great, and the other three are entirely free with no other expectations. Enjoy!

Preschool Memory Match
This is your standard memory match game (flip tiles two at a time, looking for matches), and it comes in 4 levels of complexity from Easy to “Super Duper Hard”. The game uses mostly pictures of animals and provides and displays and pronounces their names, which provides additional learning opportunities.

Times Table Quiz!-multiplication/id441001315?mt=8
This is a rudimentary, but very useful app that tests students skills with math times tables. The app presents random multiplication questions from the spectrum of times tables from 2×2 to 12 x 12, providing 4 possible answers in multiple choice format, and you keep going to see how many you can get right in a row. When you guess an incorrect answer, it stops and tells you the correct answer and you start over. This is geared towards later grades, as it does not allow for setting the level of the times tables – it just mixes the full range.

Trainyard EX
This application is great for the younger grades, as it guides the student slowly through a smooth learning curve with an increasingly complex task of designing a path for one or more trains to get point A to point B. As you progress through successive successful completions of the game it gets more complicated, working it’s way up to some pretty involved challenges!

BrainPop’s Featured Movie
BrainPop is a powerful application, with a wide range of functionality in its relatively inexpensive paid versions, but they provide the Featured Movie feature on their iPad app for free, and elementary school teachers might find it worth using. Students can watch a different animated movie each day, then test their knowledge with an interactive quiz. The movies are well done short animated clips on a wide variety of subjects, providing a fun, engaging way to learn.

Amazing Shape Puzzle Lite Version
This app has three free puzzles that can be fun and educational for younger elementary school students. The app works in English, Spanish, French, and German and provides Word Learning opportunities in addition to developing concentration, memory, and cognitive skills.