Campaigns, Contests and Games have become new ways of engaging users on facebook, twitter, linkedin. Marketers are coming up with creative ideas to promote their brands and events.

The Promotion Trends Report by Promo Magazine, revealed that promotional marketing was part of an overall marketing strategy for over two-thirds of all firms.

What is Promotional Marketing?

Promotional marketing is a part of your Social Campaign plan and a business marketing strategy designed to ignite a customer to take action towards a buying decision.

Fresco Social basically runs three types of promotional apps.

  • Contests: We all enjoy winning something for free. Contests offer an attractive marketing vehicle for small business to acquire new clients and create awareness. We run a contest with a valuable prize to your target market.
  • Sale / Coupons: Coupons is something works always. We run discounts or coupons apps for few times in our over all campagign. You need to be cognizant that the fact that if the sale is there all the time, poeple loose interest. We run the sale on seasonanal or marketing condition basis. Sometime, the user is asked to be a fan to avail the coupon. This provide a excellent way to increase you fans as well as customers.
  • Sampling: We run free sampling depends on your preference. For e.g give first 10 customers we may give out the product free is an excellent way of creating buzz.

To create a Powerful Promotional Marketing, we work closely with you to create the promotional marketing campaign to

  • Figure out the objectives of promotion.. Sometimes, it could be the reason that we would like to icnrease the fans and follwers.
  • How long would do you want to run the promotions?
  • We also will closely to work with you on the types of promotions as you have already experiened with your customers.
  • What is your available budget? Choose an advertising vehicle like Online Ad’s, direct mail, email, or in-store that will not exceed your promotional budget.
  • We also share with you the post promotional impacts and analytics to see what is the ROI of that promotional campaign.

The research shows the continous spending by small and large companies on promotional marketing is a clear indication that promos work. Apply promotional marketing to your small business and experience a sales boost.